Born in 1929, the DRAGON is now younger than ever. Its worldwide distribution, more than 6,500 units built, including 1700 · adhere to one of the 30 national associations, the place as being one of the most widely keelboats in the world. In France, the fleet estimated at 300 units is controlled by the dynamic association of owners (AFSID), the Mediterranean fleet is poised to become the first fleet. The series is recognized Olympic from 1948 to 1972 and as an international series by ISAF present.

Its architect, the Norwegian Johan Anker (Olympic medalist) 58 years in 1929 died in 1940, was never able to know the fantastic growth of her child.
All racing keelboats, ancient or modern, the DRAGON in its current form is the most sophisticated of all. In the cockpit which houses competing 3 crew, not less than 40 Harken cleats can adjust the various settings required to operate the boat.

Despite his 70 years, the Dragon remains one of the most popular keelboats in the world and France. Because of this enthusiasm exceptional sailing qualities, and organization of structured and effective series. Such a set of qualities explains its worldwide distribution in over 30 countries. It is no coincidence that the DRAGON was selected for major international meetings.

In the Mediterranean, the DRAGON has resurfaced in the early 1990s Mediterranean fleet offers all sailors a program of activities · than any other fleet of monotype can not offer them.
Mainly grouped in YACHT CLUB DE CANNES, club · Support our series, the fleet regularly organizes multiple Championships (Ski -Yachting, Extra Cup Mediterranean Championship, FIFA Fleet Captain, Regatta friendship), and many heard participates annually to the famous Royal Regatta, the Dragon fleet by far the most numerous (72 boats from 13 nations this year’s Open Championship France) alone would justify the organization of such an event. A newsletter and information of the fleet is published quarterly. (A available from the Secretariat of the Yacht Club de Cannes)

Rigging : sloop
Start : 1929
Overall length : 8,90 m
Midship : 1,95 m
Draught : 1,2 m
Shifting : 1,7 t dont 1 t de lest
Canopy : Mainsail 16 m², genoa 11.7 sqm, 23.6 sqm spinnaker
Architect : Johan Anker
Crew : 3