Released at over 180 000 copies worldwide, the Laser is a solitaire simple, robust and easy to implement. The mast is disassembled into two parts (for easy transportation) and sailing is inserted through a sheath on non guyed mast.

The Laser is appreciated for its strict one-design regatta that allows all competitors to race on equal terms. The complete rig and hull are supplied by a single manufacturer and minor modifications explicitly authorized by the gauge are allowed.

In the Yacht Club de Cannes, not moind a dozen Laser owners are racing on all national and international waters.
Thank you to them to represent the Club and the City of Cannes.

For information Captain Fleet: Jean-Laurent and Costeux and death website France Laser

Rigging : cat-boat
Starts : 1970
Overall length : 4,23 m
Midship : 1,42 m
Shifting : 59 kg
Canopy : 7,06 m² (standard), 5,7 m² (radial), 4,7 m² (4.7)
Architect : Bruce Kirby
Team : 1