Laser Competition


Coach : Pierre GUEGUEN

Louise Cervera (Radial), Matisse Pacaud (Radial & Standard), Ines Gmati (Radial), Zaki Karassane (4.7), Felix Parton (4.7), Lilian Bretagne (4.7), Gaspard Claiche (4.7).

Small video about the internship Hyères 100% Female

Released at over 180 000 copies worldwide, the Laser is a solitaire simple, robust and easy to implement. The mast is disassembled into two parts (for easy transportation) and sailing is inserted through a sheath on non guyed mast.
The Laser is appreciated for its strict one-design regatta that allows all competitors to race on equal terms. The complete rig and hull are supplied by a single manufacturer and minor modifications explicitly authorized by the gauge are allowed.
Length: 4.23 m Width: 1.37 m Weight: 59 kg Draught: 0.90 m
Laser Standard mast: 6.46 m Mast Laser Radial: 5.90 m
sail rigging Standard Size: 7.06 m² Surface sail rigging Radial: 5.76 m² Surface sail rigging 4.7: 4.70 m²
To see the results, a specialized site, with the protest, the jury’s decisions, and beautiful pictures….here.


FOR A 14H 18H (Summer Time)
FOR A 13H 17H (Winter Period)