With its bonds against the Municipality, its reputation and its exceptional location, the Cannes Yacht Club organizes each year about twenty regattas including at least one third are international and two thirds of national or regional level . The flagship of the Association is its sailing school and competition that offers throughout the year trainings for the most seasoned of Optimist and Laser and initiation for youngsters from 6 years on optimist.

“Our coastline commits us to wear loud colors of Cannes. And the future is of course young and it is the same for our sport. We must think over .It need to offer Cannes has our youth the opportunity to experience sailing sports that takes place in a natural and magical. the sea is a wonderful gift from heaven for our region then it must focus. our school has a specification, it forms to competition. And competition is the school of sharing, effort, brotherhood, it’s a great way to prepare our young people for life. sailing is a sport that requires high quality, fast and intelligent decisions and beyond the racing rules, there are ethical rules, and etiquette ”
Jean Claude Montesinos