The Yacht Club de Cannes

150 years old and, although the Yacht Club de Cannes Cannes is the oldest association, it remains one of the youngest in his spirit. Throughout these years, sailing, through its competitions and its competitors, has shone the colors of Cannes throughout the world. Cannes, world capital of cinema, is also known for its famous Royal Regatta, the sailing competition of school and its dynamics Yacht Club, organizer year after year many international championships. The dynamism of all its members and its staff made our club undisputed institution in yachting circles. Thank you to everyone involved and supported us in our actions over the years, including Mr. Deputy Mayor of Cannes, Bernard Brochant and his teams. This is a preview of club life and to learn more about us, just join us. You will be welcome. We still have many years to devote to it. Fair winds for 150 years. Jean-Claude Montesinos President of the Yacht Club de Cannes

History of the Yacht Club de Cannes

  • 1850-1891 : The prestigious regattas
  • 1891-1914 : The Golden Age of Sail
  • 1919-1939 : The First Royal Regatta
  • 1946-1978 : The democratization of sailing
  • 1978-2010 : Soaring keelboats. Philosophy Club