History of the Yacht Club de Cannes

History of the Yacht Club de Cannes

It is largely thanks to yachting that “Cannes the pretty”, qualified since 1896 of “Cowes of the Mediterranean” by the Prince of Wales, future Edouard VII, became this floret of the worldly life known throughout the world, and it was only after the war that the cinema took over as the main engine of this notoriety.

In 2020, the Yacht Club de Cannes is celebrating 160 years of existence.

1857 – Construction of the first Yacht Club

The Yacht Club does not exist yet but Cannes will attend the construction of the first Cannes Yacht.

Former engineers of the Ponts et Chaussées and boater emeritus – this is what we call at the time the French yachtsmen – the Parisian Léopold Bucquet came to Cannes to cure his fragile health. Very soon, the nostalgia of regattas on the Seine takes him back. Fascinated by the blue water of the harbor, he decided to adapt the freshwater boats on which he sailed and designed his first sailing ship, the “Alma”, made in 1857 by a local naval builder, Honoré Arluc. Thus the first yacht to sail the waters of Cannes is French.

Won by the enthusiasm boater, some passionate order from Honoré Arluc. This one builds Yachts according to the plans provided by Bucquet. Within a few months, the builder launched “Lero” (1858) to Alphonse Gioan, then “Olga” to Eugene Tripet-Skrypitzine, former French Consul in St Petersburg. In 1859, “Tourist” joined the small fleet and replaced “Alma” deemed too slow by its designer and owner. Later, still according to Bucquet’s plans, Arluc realizes “Fantasia” to the Duke of Vallombrosa. In the meantime, these pioneers are joined by Turcat who wets in the port his cutter “Jeannette”. It only remains for them to organize the first Cannes regattas.

It is important to note that these initiatives mark the beginning of the international image of Cannes and are the first actions that will make Cannes an international crossroads and bring the city into the era of tourism. The Yacht Club de Cannes is in a way the precursor of the economic development of Cannes.

1859 -1860, This is the birth certificate of the Yacht Club de Cannes

Impossible to imagine regattas without the support of a club. On the initiative of Bucquet, Tripet-Skryptizine, Béchard and Colquhoum, the Society of Cannes Regatta is founded in the spring of 1859. Cannes fishermen join this premiere and contest the first regatta ever organized here. The event is 100% French.

In the following seasons, foreign winterers will strengthen the fleet of competitors.

From 1861, the Duke of Vallombrosa presided over the destinies of the Society of Regattas. Dynamic personality, the Duke brings to the regattas of Cannes the prestige which still today, attracts the best regattas of the world.

In 1863, he organized the first regattas of the Mediterranean between tall ships. Four competitors are at the rendezvous. “Queen of Island” by Mr. Dupont de la Tuilerie; “Cutler” from the Garbel Account, President of the Monaco Racing Society; “Gleam” of an English yachtman and “Hornet” of Mr. Moos, member of the Royal Yacht Squadron who wins first prize.

On October 1, 1864, the Nautical Club of the Mediterranean opens its doors on the Croisette. The foundations of yachting in Cannes are established.

In the years 1891-1914, all the courts of Europe attended the sumptuous galas given by the Yachtmen Union of Cannes.

The time spent. What have we become?

In 1887, the Cannes Regatta Society disappeared due to political dissensions. It was immediately replaced by a new club, the Société Nautique de Cannes, created by the city, until the creation in 1891 of the Yachtmens Union of Cannes.

What a long way since the first regatta organized by the brand new Société des Régates de Cannes on August 15, 1860 for the Emperor Napoleon III and the intense activity of the Club today.

If the Society of Regatta had – and it was already a good performance – gathered fifty subscribers, the Yacht Club of Cannes and its 550 members is positioned among the most important clubs which are devoted to the sail and it is also the Association probably the oldest and most important of Cannes.

Located at the Pointe Croisette, its activities are organized on an area of about 600 square meters, facing the Lérins Islands, including offices for the administrative and sports, dressing rooms and health, the sailing school and competition , its launching area, the pool house with its bar and restaurant.

This positioning is ideal and corresponds very exactly to all expectations related to the vocation of the club.

It has, in addition, the opportunity to offer its members one of the 130 places it has use in the context of an agreement with the city, which without reservation, supports the club in all situations.

The maritime site is particularly appreciated by our competitors because they have two bodies of water, the East harbor and the West harbor, in a setting marked by the presence of the two beautiful islands of Sainte Marguerite and Saint Honorat. many times.